On January 5, 2007 I experienced the most devastating nightmare that could have entered my mind.  Megan, my only child, was killed in an automobile accident. She was 17 years old and a junior at Arkadelphia High School in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.  I loved her more than anything in the world. Through the pain and heartache of this tragedy I am learning more and more each day that God the Father is my strength, the Holy Spirit is my comforter, and Jesus Christ is my all and all.  I trusted Christ as my Savior several years ago and began to learn that I could lean on Him during times of difficulty, I am leaning on Him more today than at any time in my life, and He is proving Himself faithful.
  Megan was a teenager struggling with the same issues most teenagers struggle with. She was wrestling with temptations common to   us all and working at getting her priorities straight. She had accepted Christ as her Savior and was trying to figure out how to follow through with total commitment. The following letter was found among Megan’s affects.

  Dear God,
  I know I fall so many times, we
  all fall a lot and often fail you!  I am asking for forgiveness. I
  don't usually write you letters, but I just felt like it this time, and I
  hope you are hearing my thoughts.
  Forgive me for the things I have said in the past month and the past few weeks. 

  I love you more than anything and I think you know that I am yours always. It's

  just that I am tired of dealing with my problems with my own brain.  I am ready

  for you to take all of my problems into your hands.  Lord, so much piles up in
  our lives and we all get so caught up in those things from day to day!
  I just want to tell you that I love you so much and you are everything to me. 

  And first of all I want to thank you for my family and the ones that love me.  I

  thank you for my friends, and thank you for having a hand in my relationship

  with James. When I think about all of the good things that you can bless in
  our relationship, I can't do anything but smile. I just thank you for letting me have

  self-control in our relationship.  I also thank you for giving me the opportunity to

  learn from my mistakes.  Also, I thank you for always being there for me.
  Lord, just remember all of our church officials, all of our government officials, and

  our president. Remember our loved ones, the unsaved and all of the diseased

  and the ones that are weak and don't know you. I pray for the sick, the rich, and
  the poor. I pray for the world, Lord that somehow, Lord everyone will somehow
  recognize you, and have at least a little knowledge of you that way they may
  have a chance to turn it all around to you.
  Lord, thank you so much for everything in my life.  Thank you for the food in my

  mouth, the roof over my head, my family and people who love me! I love you Lord,

  and continue to bless everyone who diligently seeks you! Love you!

  I would like to remind every young person that there are pastor, youth
  directors, Christian adults, and Christian teenagers throughout the community
  who love you are not only willing, but eager to help you through life's
  struggles.  Please understand that the Christian community is for you.
  -- Rick Smith