Rick's Comments

  In 2006 Megan had a dream that she was in a car wreck. I had a dream that a police officer came to the door the lights were bright then dimmed to darkness. Two people prophesied for Megan to watch her company; Mary Forsythe at Amity Word of Faith and a prophecy from Mary John Ministry Long Pine Church of Hooks, Texas. God speaks to his people through prophesy and dreams. Megan and I made a mistake. We didn't listen to the Holy Spirit. We were so wrapped up in everyday life. 

  On Thursday, January 4, 2006 at around 3:00 I was on my way to pick up Megan at school. We talked and she said that Maria and she were going to get ice cream that I could come by and pick her up later. I drove by later and I called her on the phone and told her I was outside but she was inside and that she wanted to stay the night. I received a call from Lauren Montgomery that there had been a wreck. After that I received a call from my sister-in-law that there had been two wrecks and gave me information that Megan was not involved in the one that was life threatening. After talking to my sister-in-law I left for town. I drove upon the car wreck. It was wrapped around a tree. I asked the law officer about Megan. No response. From there I went to Baptist Medical Center where they had taken Megan. The doctors said Megan's condition was critical but because of the fog they could not transport her by helicopter but had to go by ambulance. When she arrived at Children's Hospital the doctors said Megan was not going to make it. I never gave up. I was waiting for a miracle but it never came. I never became bitter to God about it. Through it all, God is the one that gave me peace about it. I realize in life that some friends are not friends at all; there are givers and takers. Watch what company you keep. In this life if we will listen to the Holy Spirit he will talk to us; through people and dreams. Sometimes we don't listen. Parents need to regulate who their kids hang out with.
  God's plan is to be obedient to his word and to hear from him. There are some things we have to put out of our lives. If we don't, it will change our future. I go past that tree everyday; there's not a day that I don't think about it. Thanks to God that I don't have to be drunk or drugged to deal with the problem. It is the Lord who gives me the peace.
  My true intentions: why I put up Megan's website; to let young people know there is a God that speaks to his people. It is about having faith in God and being obedient to him. We are the terminal generation. Before it's all over we will all need a miracle; he is a God that does answer prayer.